Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Magic Wand - Review

Hello Onahole Nation!  Welcome to Onahole Review.  One nice little place to read about onaholes on the Internet.

Today's review is on the Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand technically is not an onahole since it isn't a hole.  However, since it is such a versatile masturbator for both guys and gals, I decided to do a review on it.

You may have seen this in porn, or happen to have one lying around your house.  That is sort of the beauty of this masturbator - you can use it in porn or have it in your living room.

So that being said, here is my review.

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - The good thing about the Magic Wand is that it really doesn't look like a masturbator.  It looks like a massage tool.  You can actually have it lying around in your bedroom or living room, and tell your friends that you have a stiff back.  Of course, if you can get a girl to come over to your place, and things get heated, you can use this on her.  Or she can use it on you.  Of course, if  you are unsuccessful in getting the girl, you can use this on yourself.  The point I want to make is that you can have it lying around without looking like a creep.

Noise - 9 - The Magic Wand does create vibrating noise.  However, it isn't extremely loud.  You can cover it up with your blankets in bed, and you might be able to lower your noise level significantly.  It will be troublesome if you have roommates sleeping in the next room, but if you have to use it, you can tell them that your back was sore.  Basically, the noise is manageable so that with a little creativity, it will become very discreet.

Messy - 10 - Another beauty about the Magic Wand is that it doesn't create any mess.  As long as you don't cum all over it, it will keep itself clean.  Of course, it would be nice to sanitize the Magic Wand with a sanitation tissue every now and then.  But the point is she can use it, and you can use it right afterwards.  Or you can reuse it as many times as you want.

Use more than once - 10 - Another wonderful thing about the Magic Wand is that it is durable.  Since there's minimal cleaning to do, you can use it as many times as you want.  I think the one I have is maybe 5-6 years old, and it is still working without any issues.  Talk about being reliable and durable.  

Easy to clean - 10 - Even in the worst case scenario where you cum all over it, or if she squirts all over it, you can clean this puppy very easily.   Just towel off, and wipe down with a sanitary tissue.  You are done.  Talk about simplicity compared to cleaning an onahole.  Even the easy to clean onaholes start to feel like a chore when you compare it against the Magic Wand.

Price - 10 - The Magic Wand is about $60.  To me that's good deal.  Considering that you can reuse it as many times as you like, it is durable, and the Magic Wand is can be for you and her.  The $80 wireless one does seem a little expensive to me, and I haven't tried it out.  My review is based on the $60 corded Magic Wand

Size (Easy to Hide) -  10 - The wonderful thing about the Magic Wand is that you don't need to hide it if you don't want to.  It is a massage tool.  So tell your friends that.  Tell them you just need it for your back.  So you can keep it around the house if you'd like.  An impossible feat for any type of onahole.  If you do decide to hide it, you can stash it in a drawer or a shoe box, and put it in your closet.  If your Mom finds it, just tell her that you had a bad back.

Pleasure - 17 out of 20 - I would say the Magic Wand has a relatively high pleasure rating.  You can control the level of vibration and that has an affect on how it feels on your dick.  So try it out.  Sometimes its good to go slow.  Sometimes it's good to crank it up.  The good thing is that you have a choice.  Get it for your girl, and she will like it.  It will usually give the girl an orgasm before you insert your dick in her.  Which is a good thing since most of the times you will cum before the girl does if you put it in her.

Value - 10 - For $60, you can buy something that 1) lasts 5+ years, 2) can reuse it as many times as you'd like, 3) use it for both you or her, 4) feels pretty good, and 5) use it pretty discretely.  I'd say that the Magic Wand is has a fantastic value.   I would even go as far to say that you should buy the Magic Wand prior to starting out your onahole collection.  It is that good of a buy.  I would recommend the Magic Wand to anybody interested in masturbating or sex.  If all else fails, use it to treat your bad back.

Overall Score: 96 out of 100

Though this isn't an onahole, I have to score the Magic Wand very high due to it's huge advantages, and lack of disadvantages.  It is one of the best investments you can make in the world of onaholes and male masturbators.

Highly recommended purchase by Onahole Review!

↑ This one has some speed control.

↑ This one is wireless.  Convenient!

↑ This one comes with a little rubbery thing.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tenga Rolling Head Cup, Standard - Review

Hello Onahole Nation!  Welcome back to Onahole Review.  The best, unbiased, independently run review site for Onaholes on the Internet.

Today, we wanted to continue our reviews on the classic Tenga cup onaholes.  For this post, we will be reviewing the Tenga Rolling Head Cup.

Before we start off, here is a nice little bundle on Amazon where you can try out all of the five Tenga classic cups.  I think it is a pretty good deal at around $43-46, which is a little bit over $8-9 a pop.

Check out my other reviews for the classic Tenga cup onaholes here.
  1. Deep Throat Cup
  2. Soft Tube Cup
  3. Rolling Head Cup
  4. Double Hole Cup
  5. Air Cushion Cup

The Tenga Rolling Head's biggest feature is its plastic, flexible body in the middle.  The point of this for you to be able to roll the onahole on the tip of your penis to provide a different sensation.  It's the sensation that feels really good, but will likely not make you cum.  Imagine a girl rolling their tongue on your penis.  It'll feel awesome, but you probably won't cum from it.

And a nice video to see how the mechanism works.

Onahole Review:

Style - 8 - As all of you know, I love Tenga products for it's design, value, and overall pleasure.  This one is no exception, except that the white plastic part in the middle does look a little goofy and cheap.  While, the onahole does it's job, it may not be the most beautifully designed product, in my opinion.

Noise - 9 - The Tenga Rolling Head cup has two functionalities.  One, you can stroke it like a regular onahole. Or two, you can use the rolling cup (tongue) feature.  The rolling feature really doesn't make any noise, so as long as no one is coming into your room when you are using it, you can probably go on forever without anyone in the house realizing that you are using this.  The suction on the Rolling Head cup is also not as strong as other cups, so it won't make that much noise either.  For these reasons, we give it a petty high noise score.

Messy - 9 - The Tenga onaholes are well made, and they stood the test of time.  It's been around for close to 10 year now.  This one doesn't really ooze out any lotion for you to have to clean up.  Obviously, there will be lotion after use, but not excessively dripping around your chair.

Use more than once - 5 - This can probably be said for all of Tenga Cup onaholes, but they are designed to be used only once.  So I would suggest using the Okamoto 0.03 condoms with it so that you get multiple uses out of it.  If you don't cum inside of it, you will be able to use it probably 2-4 times, depending on how sanitary you are, and how quickly you re-use it.

Easy to clean - 2 - Unfortunately, this one was pretty hard to clean, so you should consider them un-washable, and meant to be used only once.

Price - 7 - At about $11 a pop, I wouldn't necessarily call this onahole a cheap buy, considering that you can only use it once.  It does feel great, but it is not something I will buy repeatedly or often as $11 seems a little expensive for something you can only use once.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  7 - The Tenga Rolling Head Cup has the awkward white plastic making it look a bit conspicuous.  It will likely catch someone's eye if they see it, and will probably look like a sex toy to them at first glance.  So though the size of this onahole isn't much different from the other Tenga cups, the way it looks makes it look more like a sex toy then the other classic cup onaholes.

Pleasure - 19 out of 20 - I would rate this onahole to have a high pleasure rating.  It comes mostly from the rolling head function, where you can roll it around your penis for quite some time.  It's enough pleasure to allow you to enjoy it, but probably not enough to make you cum.  That allows you to use this onahole for a longer period of time compared to the other Tenga cups.  The functionality is pretty unique, and I don't think there are other onaholes on the market that provide the same kind of pleasure.  It is definitely a nice onahole to try out, and possibly one of my personal favorites.

Value - 7 - At the price point of $11 price point, and considering that you can only use it once, it does score a little low on the value points.  Of course, the pleasure rating is pretty high, so it is definitely worth trying out if you have never used it before.  However, it isn't an onahole that I will be stocking up on, and will likely only enjoy it when it comes in a bundle package like the link at the top of this page.

Overall Score: 73 out of 100

Our rating system tends to score onaholes that you can only use once, lower than ones that you can use multiple times.  It makes down up to 20 points, due to the "Easy to clean" and "Use more than once" criteria.  Unfortunately, this is an onahole that fell victim to our rating system.

Just looking at the pleasure rating, I score this onahole quite high, and if you use a condom, you are able to use this onahole several times.

It is definitely a product we at Onahole Review will recommend, and will place it under our high pleasure rankings.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tenga Girl - Sakura Mana

Hello Onahole Nation!  Welcome back to Onahole Review!  A cute little place to read about onaholes on the Internet.

Talking about cute, the campagin girl for Tenga is the super hot AV Actress Sakura Mana.

Be sure to check out her work when you use your Tenga!

I'll be posting some more Tenga onahole reviews soon.

Onahole Review on Sakura Mana - 100 Points!

本日25:30〜【FM大阪 TENGA茶屋】!ぜひ聴いてみてくださいね(*^^*)

A photo posted by 紗倉まな (@sakuramanatee) on


A photo posted by 紗倉まな (@sakuramanatee) on


A photo posted by 紗倉まな (@sakuramanatee) on

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Okamoto Condoms 0.03 - Review

Hello Onahole connoisseurs!  Welcome back to Onahole Review.  A cool little place on the Internet to read about onaholes - Japanese male maturbators.

Today's review is not necessary on an onahole, but for a condom.

In the past, I got a suggestion to use a condom when using an onahole so that you can use it more than once.  At the time, I dismissed the suggestion since putting on a condom will take away half of the fun.

However, I discovered a condom that might be worth your time to check out.

The Okamoto 0.03 condoms.

Basically, these are super thin condoms, not even made out of rubber for maximum pleasure.

Here are some pictures for it:

In Japan, two of the big players in the condom industry is this Okamoto brand, and also the Sagami brand.  I will review the Sagami brand at a later time.

The Okamoto comes in three different thinness.  They are:

1. 0.03 mm
2. 0.02 mm
3. 0.01 mm

When you consider the cost-benefits, the 0.03 mm condoms are the best value out of the three sizes.

Here is a calculation on the three sizes and it's cost.

0.03 mm  >> $13 / 10 condoms = $1.30 per condom
0.02 mm  >> $18 / 12 condoms = $1.50 per condom
0.01 mm  >>  $24 / 5 condoms  = $4.80 per condom

So realistically, the 0.03 mm condoms will be the most cost effective if you decide to use it with an onahole.  You really don't want to spend $5 on a 0.01 mm condom to use a $8 onahole.  Doesn't really make much sense.

Of course, if you are going to fuck a hot girl, the 0.01 mm condom might be the way to go.

So here is my review of the Okamoto 0.03 mm condom:

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - The package comes in a standard condom package, so you'll really see no difference there.  The material is very thin, and made out of Polyurethane.  I guess this is the revolutionary material that allows it to be so thin and strong.  

Noise - 10 - Obviously, it's a condom.  So no noise factor.

Messy - 10 - It's a condom.  So it keeps everything clean.

Use more than once - 8 - It is a condom, and you probably don't want to use it twice.  Although you can cum twice in it.

Easy to clean - 8 - A condom, you probably don't want to clean.  Just flush it down the toilet after you are done.

Price - 9 - At about $1.30 per condom, we at Onahole Review feel that it is a pretty fair price considering it probably has to be imported from Japan.  Of course, you can get a bunch of Trojans for about $0.36 per condom if you prefer that route.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  10 - It's a condom, so it will fit in your wallet, or you can stash it away without much issues.

Pleasure - 20 out of 20 - The pleasure rating on the Okamoto 0.03 mm condom is pretty fantastic.  I used it both on a girl and with an onahole, and it will allow you to feel like you really have almost nothing on. 

Value - 10 - At about $1.30 per condom, we at Onahole Review feel that this is a great value for such an amazing condom.  The Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms feel softer, and less plastic compared to the the Sagami 0.02 mm.  And compared to a Trojan, you can feel the difference in thinness and pleasure.  At a little over a buck a piece, these condoms will provide you with much more pleasure and happiness in life, and we have a high value score for the Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms.

Overall Score: 96 out of 100

In conclusion, the Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms were an amazing discovery for me, and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.  The cost performance of these condoms are fabulous, and it will allow you to reuse certain onaholes that are meant to be used only once.  Of course, your real sex life another human being will also be enhanced.  We think this is an amazing product, and highly recommend it to our readers.

Okamoto "L" Size

Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms actually come in a wide range of variety.  I haven't got to try all of them out yet, but for people in America, I would recommend the "L" size condoms.  These should fit like a normal condom here.  The Amazon link below is for the "L" sized condoms.

Okamoto condoms vs. Sagami condoms

I will post a review on the Sagami 0.02 mm condoms that I got for the sake of comparison, but I like the Okamoto 0.03 mm better since it does have a softer feel.  As a human being, unless you are super sensitive, I doubt that you can feel the difference of 0.01 mm between the Okamoto 0.03 and the Sagami 0.02.  Rather you will feel the difference in material and what it is made out of.  The Sagami condoms feel more like a plastic wrap, and that "hardness" in material seems to take away a little from the pleasure.  The Okamoto condoms are soft - almost like rubber - but thinner, which in result makes it feel like you have nothing on when using them.

Onaholes you can use with the Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms

With the use of condoms, you are able to re-use certain Tenga onaholes and other hard-to-clean onaholes.  The use of condoms will allow you to re-use the onaholes without cleaning them.  So though I wouldn't necessarily recommend you re-use the onaholes over a long span of time, you are able to re-use them within a maybe 1-5 day span.  

All that being said, here is a list of onaholes you can reuse with the Okamoto 0.03 mm condoms:

I hope you get to test out these condoms for your pleasure!

Thank you for coming back to Onahole Review.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tenga Soft Tube Cup - Review

Hello Onahole Nation!  Welcome back to Onahole Review - The Original review site for onaholes in the United States.

Today's review is on the Tenga Soft Tube Cup.  This is one of the original series of Onahole that Tenga developed alongside the Tenga Deep Throat Cup.

When Tenga initially started, their first product offerings included the:
  1. Deep Throat Cup
  2. Soft Tube Cup
  3. Rolling Head Cup
  4. Double Hole Cup
  5. Air Cushion Cup
As previously reviewed, we feel that the Deep Throat Cup is one of the best, original, and iconic onaholes on the market.  We also reviewed the Air Cushion cup, and we like the onahole's high pleasure rating.

If you are interested in trying out all five, here's a nice little Variety Pack on Amazon for a reasonable price.

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup in our opinion is kind of like the 2nd in line after the Deep Throat cup as being classic and iconic.  It's been around ever since Tenga started, and seems to be very popular to this day.  Tenga has come out with the Soft and Hard versions for the Soft Tube Cup, along with the bigger US version of it.  The Tenga Soft Tube cup has lasted the test of time, and it is still one of the classic onaholes that you can purchase.

Here is a nice little video that shows the details of what the Tenga Soft Tube Cup looks like.

And some pictures:

As you can see from the 3rd picture above, the Tenga series do come with a black "Hard" version, and the white "Soft" version.  I'm going to base this review on the red "Standard" version.  The hard version is tighter compared to the standard, while the soft version is a little more smoother and less tight.  You might want to start off with the Tenga Soft Tube Cup Standard, then venture out to the hard and soft versions to find the one you like most.

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup also comes in a larger US version.  It is a larger version of the standard soft tube cup.  Due to the larger size, I thought the suction and pleasure factor did vary a bit from the standard sized soft tube cup.  Depending on your size, this might be another onahole that you can try out.

All that being said, here are some pictures, video, and our review for the Soft Tube Cup.

Onahole Review:

Style - 9 - As always, Tenga ranks high in terms of style for me.  I think their products are like the Apple of Onaholes.  The soft tube cup is also very well designed.  Simple, but functional.  And probably cost efficient as this hole is about $5 in Japan if you can buy it there.  When you take off the red outer packaging, it will just look like a big, plain, tube of toothpaste.

Noise - 10 - The noise factor for the Tenga Soft Tube cup is excellent.  Since it doesn't have much suction to it, the onahole does act more like a sleeve then a vacuum cup.  Hence, there isn't much noise when you use the soft tube cup.  Air does go in and out like the other cups, so there is minimal noise, but not like the vacuum cup where your roommate can hear you with it.

Messy - 10 - These standard Tenga onaholes are nice in that it already has the lube inside it for you.   So all you do is open up the packaging, and enjoy your onahole.  The onahole does a good job of keeping the lube inside the onahole, and it usually isn't messy at all the first time around.  You probably only need a towel to wipe you down when you are done.

Use more than once - 6 - This onahole is meant to be used only once.  So although you are able to break it apart, clean it, and use it again, it really isn't meant for it.  In my experience, it was a easy breakdown, but the inside silicone does tend to break after maybe 2-4 times of use.  So basically, you shouldn't expect to be able to use it more than a few times.  And the onahole is only meant to be used once.

Easy to clean - 5 - The Tenga cup series onahole - the five described above - all come with lube inside the onaholes when you purchase them.  As much as this is a convenience factor when it comes to use, pleasure, and messiness, it does become an inconvenience when you try to clean the onaholes.  Basically what Tenga does is that it uses small sponges to soak up the lube inside the onaholes.  These small lube sponges are places around the onahole, and it makes it a bit of a hassle when you have to clean them.  These are not reusable, so you will have to discard them.  Also, breaking down the onahole, cleaning it, drying it, then putting it back together isn't as convenient if you constantly have people around you.

Price - 7 - As of today - July 2015 - Amazon is selling the Tenga Soft Tube cup for around $12.  This isn't cheap in my opinion considering that the onahole is meant to be used only once, and maybe 4-5 times at most if you really take care of it.  In Japan, they do sell it for around $5 a pop, and it would be nice if the price comes down a bit more in the US as well.  The Deep Throat cup at $8 a pop on Amazon seems like the ideal price point for the Soft Tube Cup as well.  

Size (Easy to Hide) -  9 - The Tenga Soft Tube Cup is pretty easy to hide in my opinion.  This is especially so if you take off the conspicuous, red packaging.  What you will be left will be a plain, white tube that resembles a huge tooth paste.  It isn't too large, so you can hide it inside a drawer.

Pleasure - 17 out of 20 - The pleasure rating on the Tenga Soft Tube cup is pretty good.  As mentioned, this onahole has lasted the test of time, and it continues to be a big seller within Tenga.  If the price was a little lower, this would be one of my go-to onaholes considering the pleasure and noise factor.  The onahole is made like a sleeve, so just imagine a girl using her tongue and lips to smoothly lick your dick.  That is what this onahole will feel like.  If you want a porn star vacuum sucking your dick, you might want to go for the Deep Throat Cup or the Flip Hole Black.  But if you want the feeling of a nice girl politely licking you, this might be the better fit.

Value - 7 - At the price point of $12, I would have to say this is a fair value onahole.  The pleasure rating is relatively high, and I love the fact that it doesn't make much noise.  However, considering that you can only use it a few times, $12 a pop does seem like it's a bit expensive.  The value will be better achieved in my opinion at the $8 range with this onahole.  Also at the $12 price range, you can start to consider some of the lower priced reusable onaholes like the Tenga 3D sleeves which is also an awesome buy.  I was also going to say Magic Eye Sujiman Kupa since they used to be around $25, but it looks like they raised prices for now.

Overall Score: 80 out of 100

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup is a very nice onahole in my opinion.  The overall score went down a bit due to the price and re-usability factor.  But it is definitely one of the most classic and iconic onahole that you should at least try once.  Just forgo a dinner out, and you can try this out.  A classic onahole that should be around for the long haul.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hello Onahole Nation!  Welcome back to Onahole Review.  A pleasant little place on the Internet to learn a bit about onaholes.

Today's review is for the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular.

Since I love the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, I immediately purchased this new Onahole when I recently discovered it on Amazon.

To start off, I think this is a global product sold in the UK/US, but they don't sell it in Japan where the onaholes come from.  Maybe since people in Japan can buy the deep throat cup for about $4, they don't really need a reusable cup.  A reusable cup sort of makes more sense for people living abroad since the Tenga Deep Throat Cup usually run about $8-12 a pop.

That being said, the concept of the the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup is that it is a reusable cup.  Basically, it is shaped identical to the deep throat cup, but you can reuse it.  As you can read from my review, the original deep throat cup is meant to be used only once (although you are able to reuse it a few times.)

I thought the concept was brilliant, and didn't mind paying a lot extra for a reusable cup.

With all that being said, here is our review of the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup.

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - The Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup has almost the same exact look as the classic Deep Throat Cup.  However, it is made out of a plastic material that is a little thicker and sturdier, and it has either a red, black, or white color depending on the type you get.  Since I love the shape of the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, I give it high style points.

Noise - 8 - The Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum cup has a pretty tight suction, and it can make a lot of noise.  The suction is a lot harder than the regular deep throat cup as it doesn't let much air out from the bottom.  When the air does come out, it does tend to make a relatively recognizable blowjob sucking noise.  

Messy - 8 - This onahole is relatively good at keeping it's lube inside.  However, compared to say a Tenga Flip Hole where there is a seal around the insertion point, or the Tenga 3 D Spiral where the insertion point is pretty tight,  this onahole is shaped more like a hole, so the lube can leak more than the sealed onaholes.  Imagine the hole to be a girl's asshole when a porn star pulls out his dick, and it is wide open.  It is kind of similar to that.  So I would recommend having a towel underneath you when using this onahole to keep your lube in check.

Use more than once - 10 - Basically this onahole was made so that you can constantly re-use it.  This is the major difference between this onahole and the Tenga Deep Thorat Cup. The material inside is extremely durable, without any small parts so it should last you quite a long time if you take care of it.

Easy to clean - 10 - The Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup is probably one of the easiest onaholes to clean.  All you do is take out the inner part, flip it around, and rinse it off with water/hot water.  I do use rubbing alcohol every now and then to sanitize the onahole.  It seems to work to keep any bacteria from growing on your onahole.  You can clean the outside "shell" portion each time, or if you think it is clean, you can leave it as is.

Price - 7 - Amazon sells the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup for $64.99.  Considering that the deep throat cup goes for about $8 a pop, You get your money back if you use this onahole 8 times.  That being said, I do feel that the onahole is a bit over priced for the material it uses.  I would think it would be an awesome purchase at around $30 considering the material that they use.  In my opinion, it is over priced a little.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  9 - This onahole is relatively easy to hide.  It is shaped like the deep throat cup with exactly the same size.  Unlike the deep throat cup, it is made out of red, black, or white plastic, so the color can be a little conspicuous.  The size is about an inch shorter than a water bottle, so you can definitely be pretty creative when hiding this onahole.

Pleasure - 18 out of 20 - The pleasure rating on this onahole is pretty high.  The suction was a little weird at first, in that it doesn't let any air out so it becomes really tight.  I initially thought that the onahole kind of sucked.  However, I was able to come up with a hack for this issue.  If you place a soft tissue paper over the suction hole on top, it tends to provide the right amount of suction by letting air in and out at the right pleasure level.  You can probably experiment using different pieces of soft cloth to adjust the suction.  Without it, the suction is super tight, since it doesn't let any air out from the bottom like the deep throat cup does.  With the tissue paper, it is a pretty awesome onahole.

Value - 8 - Considering the price at $64.99, it's reusability factor, pleasure factor, and ease of cleaning/hiding, I would consider this onahole a relatively good value.  In concept it is a good onahole, and a good replacement for the Deep Throat Cup.  It is durable, so it will likely last a long time with proper care.  With all that being said, the quality of the material used isn't worth the price tag of $64.99.  At that price point, you are able to start to shop for the Meiki onaholes, which are also very good onaholes with higher quality material.  However, considering that the Deep Throat cup is $8, this might be a good substitute if you plan to go through the deep throat cup more than 8 times.  All that being considered, the onahole is a bit overpriced in my opinion, but provides enough value to justify the relatively high cost.

Overall Score: 88 out of 100

The Tenga Air Tech Reusable Onahole is a very good onahole, but the overall score was reduced a little by the higher price.  It is definitely a good onahole to have in your collection, and I would highly recommend it if you ignore the price.   That being said, this is one of my "go-to" onaholes right now due to many factors I talked about above.

Thanks for reading this article, and visiting Onahole Review.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Magic Eyes - LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA Shinjitsu no kuchi - Review

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to Onahole Review.  Nice little place to read about Onaholes on the Internet.

Today's review is on the LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA Shinjitsu no kuchi made by Magic Eyes.  

As I mentioned on my last post, the company Magic Eyes, has been making quality products that are pretty unique lately.  Combined with their low prices, I think it is a company to watch right now.

That being said, let's start out with the name of this Onahole first.

LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA Shinjitsu no kuchi is a pretty long name.  Let's break it down.

"LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA"  - La Bocca della Verità is an image, carved from Pavonazzo marble, of a man-like face, located in the portico of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome, Italy. (Wikipedia)

"Shinjitsu no kuchi" - Mouth of Truth in Japanese.

So the long name just means "Mouth of Truth" as it is a blowjob simulator.

That being said, let me start you off with a little video I found on YouTube about this Onahole.

Helps to see what the exact onahole does.  This is a blowjob simulating onahole, and it's biggest feature is that it has an actual teeth built in.  More on that on my review below.

And here are some pictures for you to check out.

Now, here is our review for this onahole

Onahole Review

Style - 10 - This onahole is designed to look like a girls's mouth.  When you open it up, it's got teeth made out of plastic to simulate an actual mouth.  First of it's kind to do something like this.  This onahole resembles a girls' actual mouth pretty well, and we give it style points for that.

Noise - 9- The noise factor of the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Shinjitsu no kuchi is pretty good as it is made out of a soft material. The material seems to soft enough to maybe take in the vacuum suction, and does not make too much noise.  When you do put lotion in it, and there's suction, it does start to make some sloppy blowjob noise which is good and bad.

Messy - 8 - Compared to maybe say a Tenga product, these onaholes that are made out of soft silicone like material have a hard time keeping the lotion inside.  Depending on how much lotion you use with it, you will likely have it all over the chair you are sitting on and around your balls.  It will be a necessity to have a towel underneath you when using this onahole.  

Use more than once - 7 - You can definitely use this onahole more than once.  You will just need to wash and dry thoroughly after each use. With the added plastic teeth included with this onahole, it is a bit easier to break as you wash it multiple times.  The teeth material is kind of glued on to the onahole, and it seems to come off after a few times of use and wash. I will talk about it in further on the "Pleasure" section, but as the teeth start to come off, it may be in your best interest to rip out the teeth of this onahole.

Easy to clean - 8 - The onahole is probably made out of the same material as the Sujiman Kupa Roa, so it is pretty easy to clean.  You can turn it inside out with no problems.  However, with the added teeth on to it, I was a bit skeptical as to how sanitary the teeth were after a few times of use.  Maybe you need to use rubbing alcohol every so often to really sanitize the teeth of this onahole.  Also, since the teeth does start to break off after a few times of use, trying to keep the teeth on maybe a point to consider when using this onahole.

Price - 8 - The price of this onahole has increased a bit in the last few months, and I am now seeing it for around $45.  This compares to about $20 in Japan, which is why Magic Eye is gaining recognition.  When you consider the fact that you can experience the unique "teeth" feature on this onahole, you might consider purchasing it.  It's an interesting product to try out for the price.  

Size (Easy to Hide) - 8 - The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is relatively easy to hide since it isn't all that big.  I usually put it in a grocery bag, wrap it around, and then stash it away.  It does look like someone's mouth, so you will need to hide it away from someone accidentally finding it in your room.

Pleasure - 16 - The onahole does feel pretty close to getting a blowjob from someone that's not really good at it.  The fact that the teeth hits your dick will stimulate that feeling of getting a blowjob from an inexperienced girl.  Now if that feels good or not will likely depend on your size and preference.  Personally speaking, though the suction was nice, I really didn't like the fact that the teeth were hitting my dick.  Sometimes it can feel painful, and I actually even went to a point where I scraped up my dick after using the product.  Had to refrain from getting a real blowjob for a couple weeks.  As mentioned above, after a few washes, you will have to decide whether or not to keep the teeth on it or not, since it will start to fall off.  I decided to take the teeth off, and after that, the onahole became a pretty nice that I prefer more of.

Value - 8 - At the current price of around $45, you can start to explore other onahole options when considering purchasing this.  However, as I mentioned, this is probably the only onahole that features the teeth.  So if you like that feeling of getting a blowjob from an inexperienced girl, this is the onahole to get.  As always I recommend using the Amazon Locker Program if it is available to you.

Overall Score - 90 out of 100

The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita is definitely an interesting onahole that is worth checking out.  It's probably not the best onahole for beginners or first timers. But if you've already purchased a few onaholes, and want to try something new, this one might be a good one for you.

Thank you always for visiting Onahole Review!