Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip - Review

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I've been reviewing Tenga products too much lately, so let me do a review on one of my favorite MEIKI products.

Today's review is for the Meiki® Extreme Pleasure Hip.

This is an amazing product in itself.  With the development of products such as this, you wonder how our masturbation habits will be like in 20 years.

Basically, this product is a miniature hip - with a vagina and an anus.  It's a pretty solid product, and weighs probably around 5-8 lbs.  When you hold on to it, you can feel that it's pretty dense, and sort of really feels like a human flesh.

Anyway, let me start you off with some pictures.

Also, I found a good video on this product, so let me post it here.

This video is pretty long at 21 minutes.  Take a look if you are really interested in the product.

So with all that, here is our review of the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip.

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - The product is not necessarily stylish like a Tenga, but it looks pretty real.  It really does look like a real hip, and when you are fucking this thing, it moves like a real hip.  So style points are high.

Noise - 8 - Noise on the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip is a bit hard to rate.  Basically, the product itself doesn't make much suction noises compared to the other onaholes.  However, since you do need to really fuck this thing, you can hear it hitting and slapping you, along with the fact that you'll be moving around a lot with it.  So though the noise on the product itself isn't all that bad, you kind of need to make noise to enjoy it.  Unless you are good at having silent sex, you'll likely make some noise with it.

Messy - 7 - With the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip, it is a bit different then other onaholes.  You will need to use lube with it.  But it's really like a real hip.  So the lube will spill out if you put too much in it, and kind of gets all over the place if you don't plan things well.  I always used it with a towel underneath it to catch the lube.

Use more than once - 10 - With proper care, there is no reason why you won't be able to use the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip more than once.  Due to it's price tag, it is intended to be well cared for so that you can use it many times.

Easy to clean - 1 - Cleaning this onahole is the worst part about this.  It's basically a pretty bulky, heavy piece of onahole.  So when you clean it in a sink, water goes all over the place, along with your lube and cum.  It's actually pretty difficult to clean.  The easiest way maybe to just take a shower with it so that you can clean out its pussy and anus as you take a shower.  You'll probably be all sweaty or have lube all over your body after using the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip, so taking a shower might be a good thing to do.  Drying this hip is another issue.  That's kind of time consuming and tedious too.

Price - 7 - At around $299-349, this onahole isn't actually cheap.  However, when you actually get to feel the quality of the product, you start to think that maybe it is worth it.  If you have about 3-4 $100 bills laying around, I would say that it is a pretty good investment that you should at least try once.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  4 - As you can tell, the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Masturbator isn't all that easy to hide.  It's pretty big, and once someone sees the hip, you'll instantly become a weird pervert.  It's probably one of those things that you don't want to show your girl friend, wife, sister, or mother.  Be sure to have a good place to hide at least a 18" x 18" x 18" box before getting this onahole.

Pleasure - 20 out of 20 - The pleasure rating on the Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Masturbator is amazing.  It's really like having sex with the real thing.  Maybe better since you get to use both the pussy and the anus.  I thought that it felt really amazing.  As I said earlier, if this thing develops further to say Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip Masturbator Version 4, the way we look at sex and masturbation may start to change.

Value - 8 - Considering the price at $299.99+, I would say that there is good value in this product.  The qualtiy of it is pretty amazing, and the pleasure points are high.  If you are single with no girl friend, sisters, or mothers around you, I think getting this product will almost save your life.  Or at least you will be a little more productive since you can unload your stress onto this onahole.

Overall Score: 75 out of 100

The score is a bit low since this onahole scored low on the cleaning and hiding criteria of the score.  However, with it's pleasure rating extremely high, Onahole Review does recommend this product very highly as long as you have some money saved up.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Tenga Lotion Real - Review

Hi guys! Welcome back to Onahole Review.  One of the best places to read about onaholes on the Internet.

Today's review is on the Tenga Lotion Real.  It's not an onahole, but it is an essential part of the whole onahole scene.

Using the right lotion is essential to proper onahole use.  Some will enhance the experience while others may create a big huge mess.

One of the best thing about the Tenga Lotion Real is it's consistency.  It has a very thick, dense consistency, so the lotion doesn't spill all over the place.  It stays within the onahole which keeps the entire process clean.

The lotion's thick, dense consistency also helps to contribute to enhanced pleasure.  It does feel like real pussy juice, and not necessarily a lubricant.

At Onahole Review, we currently don't have a system of rating lubricants and lotions, but considering it's quality, pleasure it contributes, price, messiness, feel, I am giving it a score of 93.

It is pretty subjective, but you can try for yourself to see what it is like.


 To conclude, lubes and lotions are an essential part of the whole onahole scene, so I'd recommend you try out a few different kinds and see what you like.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard - Review

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Today's review is for the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard, that in my opinion started this Onahole phenomenon in Japan.

Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard is the classic.  The standard.  And the pioneer of Onaholes.  It is still by far, one of my favorite Onaholes around.

Fortunately, due to it's popularity, the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard is much easier to obtain then other Onaholes that I will be introducing on this blog.  It can be purchased on Amazon, at a pretty reasonable price.

Rather then me trying to explain things in words, I think in this case, YouTube will help to explain how the Tenga Deep Throat Cup works.

Here it is.  The video is age restricted, so you may need to log in to YouTube to verify your age.

So as you can see from the video, it is a pretty nice piece of Onahole.

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - The Tenga Deep Throat Cup is the classic.  It is designed very well.  It looks cool, and has a good grip as you hold it.

Noise - 9 - The Tenga Deep Throat Cup does make some sucking noise, but the good thing is that you can control it somewhat when you use the vacuum hole on the top of the onahole.  The suction noise is often made when there is a vacuum, and by allowing air to enter, the noise is reduced.  Here, I like to emphasize that you can control the noise - which is important - rather then the fact that the noise level is low.  When you turn on the vacuum, you can make some nasty sucking noise with it.

Messy - 10- This onahole is probably the least messy Onahole around.  It basically comes pre-loaded with lube, so all you do is open, and stick your dick in.  Pretty simple.  The lube tends to stay in because they use a sponge soaked in lube to control it from leaking out.  Obviously, the Tenga Deep Throat Cup is meant for one time use only, but if you decide to clean it and re-use it, the lubed sponge is not usable the second time around.  So it does make it a bit more messy the second time around.  Though all in all, I think it holds the lube well in the container.

Use more than once - 9 - Tenga Deep Throat Cup is intended for one time use.  However, you are able to reuse it quite a lot if you decide to clean it and take good care of it.  A lot of the parts inside the Tenga Deep Throat Cup is durable, and it can last you a good 10-20 times if you decide to take good care of it.

Easy to clean - 9 - The Deep Throat Cup is actually pretty easy to clean.  It breaks apart easily, and you are able to assemble it back to almost the original state.  This makes cleaning relatively easy.  A tip here is that if you decide to reuse the Tenga Deep Throat Cup and wash it, the first wash is going to be the most tedious.  Since the onahole comes with the lubed little sponges around the entry, you will need to take those out and discard it.  Once you have done that, you can disassemble everything, and start to wash it.  The plastic material is easy to clean.

Price - 9 - Amazon sells the Tenga Deep Throat Cup for $9.99 and it is eligible for Prime shipping.  So considering it is the best Onahole - a classic - out there, I think it is a pretty good deal.  And you can of course use it more than once, if you decide to do so.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  9 - This onahole is relatively easy to hide.  You are able to take off the outer red striped layer turning the onahole into a plain white object.  It isn't very big, so you should be able to tuck it away somewhere where it doesn't catch much attention.

Pleasure - 19 out of 20 - I would give it a score of 20, but since I gave Tenga Flip Hole Black a score of 19, I will be fair to it, and score it a 19.  Basically, once you try the Deep Throat Cup, you will likely be hooked on Onaholes.  It actually feels pretty amazing.

Value - 10 - Considering the price at $9.99, with free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime, it is a pretty awesome deal.  Fortunately, Amazon also started a locker program, where you are able to pick up a particular shipment at an Amazon location, this is definitely worth giving a try.  Trying out the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard is like taking Onahole 101.  This is what started the entire phenomenon. 

Overall Score: 94 out of 100

To conclude, the Tenga Deep Throat Cup is the standard of Onaholes.  It is definitely worth trying out.  Not much to lose at $10 a pop. 

A Highly Recommended Product from Onahole Review.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amazon Locker Delivery

For those of you who are interested in buying onaholes, it's nice that we have online shopping these days.  In the past you would have had to go into a sex store, pick and choose your onahole, buy it at a cash register, then bring it back home.  Basically a pretty big pervert.

Now with Amazon Prime, you find, click, pay, and it's delivered to you within 2 days.  You're now a guy that's curious about exploring your sexual fantasies.

We do live in a very nice time right now.

Good news today for you people interested in buying an onahole is that Amazon is starting out a Amazon Locker Delivery program.  This basically allows you to ship it to a place that's not your home.  The one I've used recently was inside a 7-Eleven about 2 blocks from my house.

One of the thing about online shopping is that if you live with parents, roommates, friends, girl friends, or wife, it's pretty difficult to actually get these orders delivered secretly.  The worst thing is that for your wife or girl friend to find the package, think it's a gift for them, and open it up.  Just imagine them finding a box full of onaholes.  Many ladies will - unfortunately - freak out about the situation.  I'm sure parents - Moms - will be pretty pissed too.

So, to avoid all that hassle, you can use Amazon Locker.  This will allow you to control when you actually pick up the item, thereby being able to be a bit secretive about actually receiving the onaholes.

Nice job Amazon!  You just keep on getting better and better each year.

Just make sure that you don't have an Amazon account where other family members can also access.  That order of 12 onaholes you purchased will be saved in your order history for more than three years.

If you're interested in the Amazon Locker program, check out this link.  >>> CLICK HERE >>>

It's a pretty awesome program for us Onahole buyers.

In the past, I had to request not Amazon, but ToyDemon to ship my stuff by FedEx.  That way, you're able to get it shipped to a FedEx location where you can go and pick it up once it's on location.

Amazon doesn't give you the choice to select a shipper.

All right, so that's my tip for you today.  Thought it was worth sharing so that you can actually go and try out an onahole if you haven't already.  And for those of us who already purchase onaholes, life is a little easier buying it with the Amazon locker program.

Thanks for visiting Onahole Review again!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meiki Sarah Review

Thank you for coming back to Onahole Review.  One of the best onahole review sites on the Internet.

Today's post is on Meiki Sarah.  This was another one of my favorite onaholes and I've had the pleasure of using this for a while now.

I thought that it maybe a bit difficult to obtain, but I found one selling on Amazon for $99 today.

Sorry for the bad pictures.

Basically, this onahole mimics the pussy of a Japanese porn star, Sarah.  She is half Japanese, half Portuguese  and is pretty damn cute.

You can try to find her porn on the Internet if you're interested.

Here's a non-porn YouTube video.

And her debut Japanese AV film cover.

All right, with all that in mind, here is our review of the Meiki Sarah.  I'm going to guess it won't be available for long since I don't think she is an active AV star in Japan any more.

Onahole Review: 

Style - 10 - Looks like a real pussy.  So I guess in a way, it's pretty damn stylish.

Noise - 10 - This onahole feels like a real pussy, but does not make any noise.  So this is a good one to get if you have roommates or people near your room.  

Messy - 9 - Depending on the lube you use, it does tend to hold it in very well.  Some of the lubes that are a bit runny will obviously run off, but if you use Tenga's lubes, they will likely stay in since they tend to make it really thick.

Use more than once - 10 - You can use this product as many times as you want as long as you clean it and take good care of it.

Easy to clean - 9 - You do have to flip it around to wash it, but it isn't too difficult to clean given that it isn't huge and flips over pretty easily.  You do need to dry it well or the moisture will accumulate in the skin of the onahole.

Price - 9 - At about $99 on Amazon, I'd say it's a fair price.  Considering it is reusable, looks nice, doesn't make any noise, and it feels good, it might be a good return on investment.

Size (Easy to Hide) - 9 - Since the onahole isn't huge, it will likely make it pretty easy to hide.  The only thing is that it does look like a real pussy, so if you leave it hanging out somewhere, someone will likely notice it.

Pleasure -18 out of 20 - The pleasure the Meiki Sarah Onahole is pretty good.  It doesn't have the suction like many other onaholes, but it does feel like you're fucking a nice pussy.  I personally liked the smoothness of it and how soft it is.  Sometimes onaholes are too hard on your dick since it sucks the crap out of it.  If you're not feeling like getting every inch of your dick sucked hard on, I think this gives a softer, alternative to the other onaholes.

Value - 9 - At a price point of around $99, I'd say this is a buy.  It does help to take care of it by cleaning and drying to make long term use out of it.

Overall Score: 93 out of 100 

I do rate this onahole pretty highly, and it I consider it one of the best that I own of the Meiki products.

I would suggest you trying one out too.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fera Master Review

Today's review is for the Fera Master by ToysHeart.  The sex toy company, ToyDemon seems to be promoting this onahole highly, so it was definitely something I had to check out.  

This onahole claims that it was co-created with a guy that has gone to a Pink Salon (a place in Japan that specializes in giving blowjobs for under $100) over 1083 times in order to perfect an onahole that exceeds the blowjob experience.

Before giving my review, here are some unboxing pictures.

The product is pretty well constructed, and it does feel pretty good.  That being said, here is our review of the Fera Master by Toys Heart.

Onahole Review:

Style - 9 - The onahole is constructed like a women's mouth.  It looks good.

Noise - 7 - When you think of a good blowjob, you need to consider that it involves a lot of sucking and suction.  This product simulate a good blowjob, so it makes a lot of nasty sucking noise.  That might not be good if you have people living in the next room.  But the noise is nice, it does sound like you are getting a nice blowjob.

Messy - 8- This probably depends on the lotion you are using, but the lotion did not go every where when the product was used.  Of course, it is a good idea to be sitting on a towel, but it wasn't as messy as expected.

Use more than once - 8 - As long as you keep it clean and take care of it, you should be able to use this product numerous times.  Of course, since the really isn't much air circulation that can go through, it is prone to some molding if not dried properly.

Easy to clean - 7 - Since many onaholes has only one entry point, cleaning can be a bitch.  You are abel to turn it inside out to clean it out.  But it doesn't seem like its the best method since it'll likely break the thing after a few tries. 

Price - 8 - Toy Demon sells this product for $59.99.  Which is fair.  Keep in mind, ToyDemon does import its products, so all of their products has a little premium on it. 

Size (Easy to Hide) -  8 - I'm not sure if this product is necessarily easy to hide.  It's not too large, but with a shape like a women's mouth, it will likely catch some attention if someone sees it.

Pleasure - 17 out of 20 - The suction on this thing is great.  It does feel like you are somewhat getting a blowjob.  Of course, I will admit that a real blowjob is always better than a toy blowjob.  It does also take some skills to properly use this onahole.  You'll need to insert air in it to get that suction feel, or you get sucked tight in a vacuum.  To do so you'll need to slide it out of your dick as you stroke it.  Not the easiest task, but well worth it.

Value - 8 - Considering the price at $59.99 and the amount of pleasure it gives, this onahole is of relatively good value.  It's also not a one time use toy, and it's not as huge as say a Flesh Light, so I think it is worth the price if you like getting a blowjob.

Overall Score: 80 out of 100

So there it is.  The Fera Master by Toys Heart is something that you may want to give it a shot.  

You can buy it at:

Kanojo Toys

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tenga Flip Air White Review

Today's review is for the Tenga Flip Air White.  As a fan of Tenga products, I might have a bias already set in for this product, but I will try to review this onahole as objectively as I can.

As always, finding a good video helps to understand how the onahole works.  Here's a really nice one that I found on the Tenga Flip Air White.  Check it out!

Very good video.  I love how the videos are so stylish when we're talking about a male masturbator.  A few years back, it wasn't as trendy to own a male masturbator in your closet.

Anyway, here are some unboxing pictures.

Cool.  Nice and stylish. 

And here is our review of this onahole.

Onahole Review:

Style - 10 - As always, Tenga scores high on it's style.  I mean, this piece looks like some architectural piece that you can find in Architectural Digest.  However, it's an Onahole.  

Noise - 6 - The Tenga Flip Air's selling point is their air and suction.  So it does tend to make some noise if you like a lot of vacuum and a lot of suction.  

Messy - 8- Using the lube provided in the package, or any Tenga lube which tends to be thicker than the usual lube, you will not see too much leaks.  However, it is probably wise to use your onahole over a towel to make you clean up easy.

Use more than once - 10 - Similar to the other Flip Holes, the Flip Air is also made so that you can use it infinitely with good care.  The box says something like 80 uses, but if you maintain it well, maybe you can use it many more times.

Easy to clean - 10 - This was probably one of the easiest onaholes to clean.  What makes it easy to clean is the way it opens up.  The previous Tenga Flip Holes opened up vertically, where as the Flip Air opens up horizontally.  This makes for even an easier cleaning session.

Price - 10 - The price of the Tenga Flip Air White on Amazon is only $48.15.  Considering its style, ease of clean, and the fact that you can use more than once, makes this product a very good value.

Size (Easy to Hide) -  8- The Tenga Flip Air -White is relatively small and stylish, so you shouldn't have too much problems hiding this.  Since it looks so good, it's a good idea to display it out in the open if you're open for the challenge.

Pleasure - 15 out of 20 - One thing I can say about the Tenga Flip Air White is that it's tight.  The Air feature creates a vacuum inside the onahole to make it extremely tight.  The construction feels a bit tighter than the previous Tenga Flip Hole Black.  When you insert your dick all the way in, and use the air feature, you do get this deep throat feel.  It just takes a lot of effort to get in that deeply.  Pleasure wise, other onaholes like the Tenga Flip Hole Black and the Tenga Air Cushion do beat out in overall sensation.  However, once you have your dick in deep, that deep throat sensation isn't all that bad either.

Value - 9 - The value of this product is very high.  It would have been awesome if the Flip Air White had the similar level of sensation as the other onaholes that I mentioned, but with everything in mind, the $48 price tag is a good value.

Overall Score: 86 out of 100

Onahole Review has a relatively high overall score for this product due to it's price point.  Considering all the facts: style, ability to use more than once, ease of cleaning, and the pleasure it gives, we say it is definitely worth the investment to try it out.

We will point out that if your dick is larger than average, this onahole might be too tight for you, and you may score low on the pleasure points.