Saturday, October 18, 2014

Magic Eyes - Sujiman Kupa Roa

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Today's review is for the Magic Eyes' Sujiman Kupa Roa.

I've been noticing this company Magic Eyes lately.  They seem to be an up-and-coming company that produce good products with great marketing.  Unlike Toy's Heart, Magic Eyes' products are actually really good.

Let's also go over the name of the product since it might be hard to understand if you don't speak Japanese.

The name of this onahole is Sujiman Kupa Roa.

Here is what they mean:

Sujiman = Cameltoe pussy
Kupa = Sound effect when the Japanese use when they open up the pussy
Roa = That's the girl's name on the cover

So basically, this onahole should be named, Roa's Cameltoe Pussy.

Anyway, here's a nice video to start out this review.

With the video, I think it's much easier to see what the actual onahole looks like.

And here are some of its photos:

As you can see the marketing and packaging of this product is very good.  

Here is our review on the Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa Roa

Onahole Review

Style - 10 - This onahole looks like a girl's body.  It's hard to see it in the pictures, but basically it's shaped like a chick's body with little tits.  You flip it around and it's shaped like an ass.  So without sounding too much like a perv, it's pretty well made for the price point.  

Noise - 10 - The noise factor of the Sujiman Kupa Roa is fantastic as it doesn't make much noise.  It's really soft, so it feels more like a sleeve that slides on your dick.  It's contrary to say a Tenga Fliphole Black where it feels great, but the suction makes a lot of noise.  This onahole feels like it glides with some suction, but the noise level is very minimal.

Messy - 8 - Since it is a sleeve type onahole, it won't retain all the lotion inside it as you use it.  So you will likely need a towel underneath you, or you will be slipping in all your lotions after use.  As long as there is a towel, you should be fine though.  And it's very soft, it tends to glide on to your dick pretty quickly.  One cautious note is that once you finish using it, all the liquid inside it - including your cum - might push itself out of the onahole.

Use more than once - 9 - You can definitely use this onahole more than once.  You will just need to wash and dry thoroughly after each use.  

Easy to clean - 9 - Since the onahole is made out of a very soft material, it is really easy to flip it around inside out, and clean it.  It takes minimal effort to clean and dry.  And since it isn't so large, maybe the size of a small hotdog, you can almost use any sink to clean it with.  I haven't had much issues with it splashing all over the place with some of the onaholes that I've had. 

Price - 10 - The price of this onahole is really good.  On Amazon, you can buy this for around $23-25, which seems like a good deal considering it's overall package.  

Size (Easy to Hide) - 10 - Another great thing about the Sujiman Kupa Roa is it's size.  Like I mentioned, it's about the size of a small hot dog, so you can wrap it in paper towel, and just hide it away pretty easily.  

Pleasure - 18 - This onahole feels great.  It's a little different from say a Tenga Deep Throat Cup where the suction creates the pleasure.  This has a softer, nicer pleasure.  Think of the Tenga Deep Throat Cup as a hardcore pornstar giving you a blowjob, where the Sujiman Kupa Roa is like your nice first girlfriend giving you a soft, slow blowjob.  They will feel different, but both will feel great.  It is made out of a soft sleeve, and it replicate inserting into a pussy pretty well.  Fortunately, it's not too tight like some of the other onaholes I've tried in the past, and feels just right.

Value - 9 - I got this onahole for $23.48 on Amazon with free shipping.  Of course, using the Amazon Locker Program whenever I buy Onaholes.  For what it delivers for under $25, the onahle is definitely a great value.  And I recommend it.

Overall Score - 93 out of 100

The Sujiman Kupa Roa is a winner in terms of it's price, value, pleasure, and style it delivers.  Magic Eyes products have definitely got on my radar with this onahole, and we will continue to review them in the near future.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

ToysHeart SI-X Type N - Review

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Today's review is on the ToysHeart SI-X Type N.

ToysHeart is a pretty big player in the onahole industry, but for some reason, their products are some of my least favorites.  They used to call their products, "Joke Products" referring to funny gifts or something you might find at Spencer's.  However, when you analyze this closely, they write this on their package to avoid liability, and to produce less superior products as compared to Tenga.  Their products often are poorly constructed, difficult to use, messy, or just plain shitty.

My take so far on ToysHeart is that they are a company better at marketing then producing a good product.

So with my bias set in place, here is the review for the ToysHeart SI-X Type N.

Onahole Review

Style - 5 - As you can see from the picture above, there's not much of a style factor for this onahole.  It looks pretty plain and simple.  It's pink and shaped like an onahole...

Noise - 10 - Maybe one good thing about this onahole is that it doesn't make much noise.  It's a sleeve type, a bit dense, and doesn't have much suction.  So the noise level was quite low.

Messy - 2 - The ToysHeart SI-X Type N is a bit messy.  What makes it messy are two things.  The insertion hole is quite small, and it is hard to handle.  You have to use both hands to get inside it, which causes a lot of mess.  Also, it doesn't contain the lotion inside the onahole very well - leaving things to gush out.  Hence, it was a messy deal.

Use more than once - 6 - I'm not sure if I'm going to use it again, but you are definitely able to.  Drying dense onaholes can be difficult, so make sure to towel dry it well so that you can continue to use it.

Easy to clean - 6 - Like any dense onahole, the thickness makes it a little less easy to clean.  However, the SI-X Type N uses a soft material, so makes it easier compared to onaholes that uses a more harder material.  All that being said, the MEIKI series is much more softer than the Type N.

Price - 3 - At $24.99 on Amazon, the SI-X Type N will feel a little expensive.  This is due to the fact that there are many other onaholes at that price points that are much better than this.  In Japan, this onahole's price has been slashed to about $9.  At that price range, maybe it's okay to explore with.  At $24.99, you might want to look elsewhere.

Size (Easy to Hide) - 6 - Since its pink and looks like an onahole, when hiding this, be sure that it won't catch anybody's eye.  If they do, this onahole kind of looks like a reverse dildo, so people would ask you what it is.  It is small enough so you can stash it away, but you might want to put it in a plastic bag so that people nearby won't accidentally find it.

Pleasure - 11 out of 20 - The onahole doesn't have much suction or other factors that gives it pleasure like the other onaholes.  It just feels like a fat sleeve that you can use in place of your hand. If you just want a pretty plain, mild experience, this might work for you.

Value - 3 - I would not really recommend you buying this onahole.  Especially at $24.99, you will be better off opting for the Tenga 3D or the new Magic Eye products.  Lately, I've been testing out ToysHeart products, and they inspired me to create a "Don't Buy" category, which this product will fall into.  Unfortunately, there isn't great value in this product.

Overall Score:  52 out of 100

So that's my review of the ToysHeart SI-X Type N.  Not a really good onahole in my opinion, and only try it out if you are filthy rich or if the price drops significantly.  

With this product, I'm going to start out a "Don't Buy" category.  I tended to just review onaholes that were good in the past, and disregard the bad ones, but I think it's good to know which products just suck in my opinion.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Orient Industry - Real Love Dolls

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Today's post is not necessarily a review, but an introduction to the world's ultimate onahole.

In Japan, a company called Orient Industry has been making real love dolls for some time now.  Basically, they make a doll that looks very close to a real human.  And the quality of these dolls are pretty amazing.

Each of the dolls usually start at around $4000 and with added features it can get close to $8,000 a piece.

Are they worth it?  It's up to you and how much money you can spare.

This week, the Orient Industry had a little buzz going on in Japan since there was an exhibit of the dolls that they make.  My friend went to the event and he mentioned that with these dolls, people may opt for them over an actual girl.  That's how real they look.

You're able to insert an onahole in their private areas making them the ultimate onahole a man can buy.

Here are some of the pictures of these Real Love Dolls.  I would call it the world's ultimate onahole.

If you like what you see in these pictures, and you got a ton of cash lying around, you might want to check out their website to get yourself the ultimate onahole in the world.

Orient Industry - Shop

Orient Industry - Gallery

Needless to say, I can't afford one, or don't have enough room in my house to buy one, so there will be no review from Onahole Review on the world's ultimate onahole just yet.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TENGA 3D Spiral - Review

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to Onahole Review.  Just a rad place to read about onaholes on the Internet.

Today, I am posting a review on the Tenga 3D Spiral onahole.

This onahole has been around for around 2 years, and considering that it is still in production, it is a good "go-to" product.  This onahole is very stylish and it is designed very well.  Basically, it is more of a "sleeve" then an onahole, but the sleeve style has got its advantages too.

Anyway, I'd like to start things off with some pictures and videos as always.

Notice how it flips around to form the onahole through this GIF.

Pretty cool.  Here are the pictures.  Looks like a sculpture.

As you can see, this product is pretty stylish.  It can be made to look like a little sculpture in your room, but in reality, it is an onahole.

Well, here is our review of the Tenga 3D Spiral.

Onahole Review

Style - 10 - As always, Tenga products are made with style.  They are kind of like the Apple products of onaholes.  This product doesn't disappoint as it looks like a piece of sculpture.  Tenga is always high on my list for style, and I'm sure the rest of the world will feel the same.  The position you keep is with the spiral part out which allows it to stand up to look cool as well as dry the onahole after use.  Genius!

Noise - 10 - Since this is a more of a sleeve then an onahole, the Tenga 3D Spiral makes minimal noise.  It doesn't have the crazy suction like the Tenga Flip Hole or the Tenga Deep Throat Cup, so the noise level is really low.  From my experience, it really makes almost no noise as there is not really an air component to it which usually creates the noise.  As mentioned, this is more like a sleeve, so it just slides on your cock, and glides through it.

Messy - 10 - The Tenga 3D Spiral is pretty good with keeping the lotion in itself.  It's got a well designed insertion hole which keeps the lotion inside the onahole without it spewing out all over the place.  I've been using this onahole with the Tenga Lotion Real  and it's been working out well.  The product is made out of a soft, thin silicone material, but does a good job retaining the lotion.

Use more than once - 10 - Though this onahole is made from a pretty thin silicone material, it is durable, and you are able to use it many times.  It is meant to be cleaned and used as often as you like.  I've had mine for over a year, and I do not see any conspicuous rips, tears, or breakages on the Tenga 3D Spiral.  Since it is designed for easy cleaning, it keeps the onahole in good shape.

Easy to clean - 10 - The onahole was designed to be cleaned and dried really easily.  As mentioned, its default position is with the spiral on the outside which is its drying position.  It flips around quite easily and doesn't make a huge mess when you clean it.

Price - 10 - At under $25 in the United States, I'd say this Onahole is very well priced.  Considering it's style, durability, ease of cleaning, and pleasure points, the current price of $23.40 on Amazon with free shipping sounds like a "Buy."

Size (Easy to Hide) - 9 - This onahole is pretty small so it is easy to hide.  The reason I am scoring it a 9 is because the design is so cool, I have a hard time throwing away the package.  So with the plastic container and stand, it does become a little more difficult to hide.  Fortunately or not, I think Tenga designed this product to not hide, but to display out in public.  So maybe you don't need to hide it when you get it.

Pleasure - 16 out of 20 - Since this product is a sleeve and lacks any air suction, the pleasure it gives can be a little less compared to other products.  However, for people that might have a sensitive cock, this might be the better product.  You can maybe compare it to having sex in a nice, wet pussy, compared to getting a crazy, sloppy blowjob with other products.  The pleasure rating might be a little low here, but believe me, it does feel really good, and depending on the person, this onahole might be a better fit.

Value - 10 - Considering the pleasure rating, style, durability, price, and ease to hide, and ease to clean, Onahole Review places a high value on this onahole.  It is probably a good onahole to start out with, or have as an alternative to the blowjob simulating onaholes.

Overall Score:  95 out of 100

So with all that, we do rank the Tenga 3D Spiral a good product, and it makes our "90+ point club."

Also, the Tenga 3D comes in other versions, so you might want to consider getting one or two of them to compare.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A-One Goku Fera - Superb Fella - Review

Hello everyone!  Thanks for visiting Onahole Review.  A nice little place to read about onaholes on the Internet.

I wanted to post a review today for the A-One Goku Fera onahole.  It's marketed by Toy Demon as Super Fella in the United States.

This has been my go-to onahole for the past month or so.  I've kind of been hooked on this onahole and wanted to present my review after using it for a while.

This onahole is designed to replicate a blowjob and deep throating.  I think it does a pretty good job with it. Good enough job to get me hooked on it.

Anyway, here are some pictures to start things off.

I was also able to find a video on it.  It's in Japanese, but you get a good idea of what the actual product looks like.

So with that in mind, here is our review of the A-One Goku Fera, or the Superb Fella onahole.

Onahole Review

Style - 10 - This product isn't stylish like the Tenga, but it sure looks like what it is intended to look like.  And I compared the size of this to a normal human mouth, and it is about the same size.  So basically, you have a replica of a mouth in your hands with this onahole.

Noise - 9 - You can make crazy blowjob noise using this onahole.  But you can also control it to not make much noise if you do not move it so rough and fast.  Of course, when you're getting a nice blowjob, the noise is also the fun part of it.  This thing replicates the noise feature pretty well.  Though I tended to score higher on quieter onaholes in the past, this onahole replicates the blowjob sound as intended, and hence the high score.

Messy - 9 - The product itself isn't all that messy.  If you do put too much lotion in, it does start to spill it out through the side of the lips.  Kind of like saliva.  So using a towel is preferred.  The kind of lotion you use will likely matter too.  If you use really smooth, silky lotions like the Tenga Lotion Real  or the I-D Glide, there is a possibility that the lotion will start to spew out.  For this onahole, I was using the Tenga Lotion Solid, and it worked out well since the lotion itself was really thick.

Use more than once - 10 - This onahole is durable, and you are able to use it many times.  It is made pretty tough, and hard to break.  You'll read right below that this is also extremely easy to clean which makes it very easy to use it again.  It seems to dry really well, and the material doesn't create moldy spots on it like other onaholes.

Easy to clean - 10 - This onahole is super easy to clean.  Some onaholes are really difficult to flip inside out since they are super tight or if the skin is too soft.  The A-One Goku Fera tends to have a good consistency, so it is very easy to flip around and wash it off.  I usually dry it off with a paper towel or a regular towel inside and out, and it is good to go.

Price - 9 - The price of this onahole is pretty reasonable at $40.  They do go for around $20 in Japan, but hey, we need to import this stuff in.  So a $40 onahole seems like a reasonable price.  You won't be able to get a real blowjob for that price, and it is a very nice substitution.

Size (Easy to Hide) - 9 - This onahole is relatively small - thinking that it is about the same size as a real human mouth - so it is pretty easy to hide.  You can probably stash it in a small drawer to hide it away or possibly underneath a sofa.  Not that those are the best places to hide it.  Anyway, the point is this isn't so big to make it difficult for you to stash it away somewhere.

Pleasure - 19 out of 20 - The pleasure rating of the A-One Goku Fera ranks pretty high.  It is intended to feel like you are getting a blowjob/deep throat, and it seems to do a pretty good job at it.  If you like a nice blowjob, I think you will find that this onahole will deliver to your needs.

Value - 10 - Considering the pleasure rating, durability, price, and ease to hide/clean, Onahole Review places a pretty high value of this onahole.  It's always nice to have an onahole that feels good, doesn't break, easy to clean/hide, and doesn't cost a fortune.  And we think that description fits this onahole pretty well.

Overall Score:  95 out of 100

To conclude, although we might have some bias built in this score due to the fact that we like really blowjobs here at Onahole Review.  We conclude that this is a really good product, and is on our recommended product list.

They also have other versions of it, that we hope to get and review soon.